Concrete Expressions, LLC

Cale Plowman
291 E Glenn Miller Dr
Clarinda, IA 51632
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We specialize in polished concrete floors; our concrete results in a sleek, clean look with simple cost effective maintenance. Floors can be done in two different ways, matte or shiny finish. With no sealers or waxes needed to polish your concrete floors, we are an excellent green choice. This type of floor can last a lifetime and eliminates the need to tear out and replace tile or carpet over and over again! The floor can absorb, store, and release heat and also cut electricity costs as light is reflected (when a light color is chosen). Colors, artwork, and special aggregates, such as broken glass, decorative rock, or seashells can be added if desired. We also offer many decorative patterns that can be cut into the floor to achieve tile effects.

Polished concrete floors are a top choice in warehouses, industrial spaces, government buildings, retail stores, restaurants, decorative facilities and private residences. Most people are surprised at how inexpensive polished concrete floors are and are pleased with low maintenance costs.

Concrete Expressions, LLC is a family owned business based in Clarinda, Iowa. We aim to provide you with quality designs that display our best in concrete artistry as well as fulfill your individual request for concrete that highlights your home or business's unique look.

We welcome any questions you may have and look forward to serving you. Give us a call today!