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  • LEFT: Precast concrete fireplace surrounds can be tailored to suit any space, whether the design style is modern, eclectic or traditional. RIGHT: A traditional fireplace surround with a sanded finish in a light wheat shade. For the finish, Concrete Interiors casts the concrete into the form, face-side down, to give the surface rich color with a monochromatic look.
  • This precast concrete fireplace surround, colored a steel gray, features Concrete Interiors’ signature steel-trowel finish, which creates a smooth surface with a beautiful mottled look. The concrete is burnished as it dries to give the surface movement and depth.
  • LEFT: This concrete fireplace features a beautiful hand-pressed finish resembling travertine. To create this look, a stiff concrete mix is placed by hand into the mold 1 cubic inch at a time to form slight voids between each placement. After curing, the concrete is unmolded and lightly sanded. The voids are then filled with colored cement to either match or complement the base concrete color. RIGHT: A sanded finish in Dove Gray.
  • A steel-trowel finish in Mystic Gray.

The style options, finishes, and color choices for concrete fireplace surrounds are endless, which makes them especially appealing to homeowners who want to customize their fireplace to reflect their unique design tastes. Concrete Interiors, Martinez, Calif., specializes in precast concrete fireplace surrounds that can be tailored to suit any space, whether the design style is modern, eclectic or traditional. The examples here reflect the broad range of looks they can create.

“We’re finding that a lot of our clients want to make their fireplace the main focal point of the room, so they’re becoming very creative by incorporating their own unique style into the design. Because we are a custom concrete fabricator, we encourage that,” says Suzanne Nicholson of Concrete Interiors. “We have an array of finishes and textures to appeal to everyone, be it old world to industrial to a more eclectic, modern design. Since we are a custom concrete fabricator, we can do almost anything you want.”

Concrete Interiors says the market is growing for both retrofit and new fireplace surrounds. Homeowners are also changing from traditional wood burning fireplaces to efficient gas burning inserts, mainly due to increased environmental concerns and regulations in some states that limit burning wood. (Learn more about regulations for fireplaces and wood-burning stoves.)

“It seems like fireplaces are one of the main items clients want to replace, especially if it’s an older home where the fireplace surround is dated so they’re eager to replace it and hungry for unique-to-them design ideas. With new homes, it’s like a blank slate. We can do just about anything the client wants,” says Nicholson.

To come up with a great fireplace design, Nicholson says it’s very helpful for homeowners to provide rough drawings or dimensions so they can help them develop a viable plan. “It also helps if they have inspirational photos they can bring to us or if they look at our website at our past projects for ideas,” she adds. With retrofits, accurate, precise measurements are key to ensure that the fireplace surround accommodates the existing gas or wood burning insert along any other design elements, like a mantel or hearth.

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Precast concrete contractor:
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Concrete Interiors, Martinez, Calif.

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