Project 1

When Neiman Marcus called and wanted some concrete sculptural accents for a new store in California, The Concrete Studio responded. By using creative forming techniques and some proprietary textures from old brass candy rollers from the 40's, we poured these concrete pieces that add dimension to the store.

The Concrete Studio in Dallas, TX

Project 2

I'm a sculptor, and concrete is my material of choice for its strength, and durability. In 2007, I found my most perfect mix, and proceeded to build five large pieces, each testing the limits of my material. I trowel my concrete over an armature, creating a skin about 1/2 inch thick, and once the form is finalized, it is then coated with a fine grade cement topping with integral color. People often wonder if my sculptures are ceramic, and I'm happy to say there was no need for a kiln. Here are images of my last three completed pieces: "Lemon Loop" (5'11" x 3' 6" x 2'7"), "Indigo Under Lace" ( 5' x 5' x 3'10"), and "Inside Out"( 7' 9" x 31" x 32") . My work is currently included in the As They See It exhibition at California State University Sacramento's University Library Gallery.

Mary Oros Sculpture in Benicia, CA

Project 3

These sculptures were created for public art venues in Colorado. We offer top quality art in painting, sculpture and friezes in concrete mediums that include reinforced concrete, papercrete and LEEDs level of eco-friendly artworks.

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