Concrete and stone make great partners both indoors and out. They have many similar properties, yet are unique. Check out the projects below for ideas on how to use these materials together to create distinctive patios, walkways, walls, countertops, fireplaces and more.

Concrete & Bluestone

This backyard pool deck is made of integrally colored concrete textured with an Italian Slate stamp. Organic bands of random-cut Connecticut bluestone add a second dimension to the design.

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Concrete & Marble

Along the banks of the Willamette River, an interactive sidewalk exhibit tells the story of a salmon run. Marble inlays resembling stepping stones were incorporated into the concrete overlay to tell the story of the salmon’s journey.

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Concrete & Boulders

This project in Southern California uses concrete and stone in an eclectic fashion. Boulders found on the property were set into a concrete retaining wall along with embedded river rock in an undulating pattern.

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Concrete & Jadeite

Because concrete starts out in liquid form, it can be poured around other items. Here, a kitchen countertop was poured to reveal Australian jadeite gemstones that catch the sunlight. Small pieces of turquoise are also embedded in the counter.

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Concrete & River Rock

The polished concrete floors of this Pennsylvania home replicate a riverbed. Rocks from a local river hand-selected by the homeowner were seeded in the floor and then exposed during the polishing process.

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Concrete & Fieldstone

This GreenPoint-Rated home in Northern California features a beautiful fieldstone fireplace. The mantle and hearth are cast concrete that has been colored to coordinate with the stone.

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Concrete & Flagstone

This lakeside home in Illinois has a unique paving design around its fire pit. The fire pit sits atop a boulder, which is surrounded by a small circle of flagstone. Rings of integrally colored concrete flatwork then extend outwards to the edge of the patio.

Concrete & Sandstone

Paving an entire patio in sandstone can be labor intensive and cost prohibitive. The solution for this California family was to border a colored concrete patio with a rock salt finish with sandstone. The sandstone was also used on the steps.

Concrete & Random Stone

This stained concrete driveway needed something extra. A random stone apron and decorative band were added to break up the monotony of the large driveway.