Fu-Tung Cheng Award Winner

Jonathan Seaman of Infistone Concrete & Design made this unique integral guitar sink for a music venue in Lexington, Kentucky. He used Cheng D-FRC mix in white and an old school microphone for the faucet. A 6” drop edge on two sides gives the piece the illusion of thickness.

Fu-Tung Cheng Award Runner Up

For this dining table Chris Ossenfort poured concrete in and around a solid walnut slab. He used Cheng Countertop Pro-Formula in stone.

People’s Choice Award Winner

Andrew Seaman created this zebrawood vanity and sink for his first floor half bath. The sink features a slot drain and was cast using Cheng’s Countertop Pro-Formula in charcoal.

People’s Choice Award Runner Up

Jelsson Batista designed and installed this double vanity for a residence with a contemporary beach vibe. Cheng Neomix Original with charcoal coloring was used.

People’s Choice Award Runner Up

Greyscape studio in Colorado created this sink for a wine bar. The sink was fabric formed to create a natural curve. Cheng D-FRC mix was used in Mojave Gold and a custom color.

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