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Ultratex Coatings Ltd is a manufacturer of modified cementitious materials for new construction or older structures. They offer decorative self-leveling topping, underlayment, repair mortar, and sealer at competitive prices. Ultratex maintains a hands-on connection with general contractors, builders and owners through its trained installers. Ken Hamid, President of Ultratex Coatings LTD, based in Toronto, Canada, says, "Ultratex strives to maintain a strong connection...down to the jobsite level."

Thin cementitious coating products are effective problem-solvers as toppings for concrete. They can also be applied over several base materials, including plywood, tile or terrazzo floors. The thin cementitious polymer layers are strong, flexible and as systems, provide an excellent wear surface. From featheredge to multiple layering, the materials can be used to restore elevation, provide a fresh look, and save removal costs and time.

Top XIn 1985, Top X, the main product for Ultratex, entered the marketplace. It is gray, self-leveling, and pours easily, smoothing and leveling concrete or wood floors. Todd MacKenzie, Operations Manager at Ultratex Concrete Systems—U.S. says, "Top X is truly self-leveling. Contractors do not have to work the product too hard. Just add water and go." It is easy to install and takes a minimum amount of time and skilled labor.

Top X comes as a one-bag mix. It is for indooruse over dry substrates. High strength Top X performs with ease and reliability whether poured from a bucket or pumped. Add four quarts of water to one bag of Top X. Install it from featheredge to 1/2 inch. Achieve thicker pours—up to 2 inches with the addition of aggregate to the mix. Final set, depending on conditions, is 4 to 8 hours. Pumped applications can yield from 10,000 to 12,000 square feet in one day.

Top X is a polymer underlayment and is not a final wear surface. It needs a suitable floor covering such as carpet, vinyl or TOP C—a colored self-leveling overlay material.

TOP CUltratex introduced Top C in 1997. Hamid says, "This overlay is the only one manufactured where color is integrally mixed in the bag." It levels and smoothes the floor and at the same time provides a decorative overlay. TOP C also requires no troweling. It is a finished, hardwearing surface. TOP C lends itself to further decorative treatment such as chemical or water based staining, and/or saw cut design depending on thickness.

Installing TOP C involves pouring the liquid mix and spreading with a spreader...taking care not to leave shoe marks. Thickness can vary from 1/4 to 1/2 inch in one operation, tapering to existing thresholds. If you need an increased thickness, use TOP X to achieve the desired elevation and finish with TOP C color material. Top C drying time is 3-4 hours, a quicker drying time than Top X.

Use TOP C in commercial and residential applications. Apply in moderate traffic areas - steel or hard-plastic wheels can cause damage.

General ProceduresThe BaseMake sure the slab is clean and open. Depending on the degree of difficulty, decide on the appropriate method—opening up the surface with an acid etch, scarifying or blast track treatment. If the surface is tile, be sure all waxes and sealers are gone.

Sand wood floors and remove the dust. Use metal lathe to bridge between plywood pieces or boards. Make sure the base is sound and if not, make the necessary changes.

Repairs If there are cracks or gouges in the concrete, repair them with Ultratex's Portland-based, Top S, a featherpatch material to smooth small areas such as ridges, cracks, gouges and joints in wood and concrete floors. Mix the product approximately 3 parts water to one part powder and apply with a steel trowel. Dry time can be as soon as 30 minutes. The application thickness should be in the range of featheredge to 1/8 inch. Repeat 1/8 inch lifts for deeper fill areas up to 1/2 inch total. If carpet, vinyl or tile is the top layer, apply a skim coat of Top S over the whole sub-floor for an even sub-base.

For more serious repair and high early strength, use Ultratex Rapid Mortar. Apply it as mortar or in thicknesses of 2-4 inches by adding up to 100% pea gravel. Once activated, there is a window of about 15 minutes to mix, place and finish. Ultratex Rapid Mortar is for interior or exterior crack repair...strong enough for bridges, and parking decks.

The Primer and Finishing LayersUltratex Top Primer is latex based bonding agent for priming the substrate prior to the application of TOP X or TOP C. Workers mix the primer 1:1 with water and apply with a soft push broom. Allow it to dry to a clear thin film before application of Top X or C.

After that, apply Top X if there is to be an additional finish layer of carpet, or tile. Also, apply Top X if increased elevation is needed prior the Top C layer. Or, apply Top C choosing from nine different colors. Create a unique color with Ultratex's color service. Top C self-levels and if there are not elevation issues, it resurfaces—leveling and coloring in a single application.

Complete with SealerConcrete is porous and needs to be sealed. Top C Sealer is a deep penetrating water based sealer available in matte and gloss finish. Make sure the surface is clean and dust free. Apply several coats with an airless sprayer, allowing each coat to dry.

Bill Christenberry, an owner at Turnkey Flooring - Oak Island, NC says their company field tests and because of testing for Ultratex, uses the products and will use them in the future. He comments, "The products perform!" Based in Toronto and now in the United States, Ultratex expands with an assurance of quality-installed products. Their goal continues to be a close connection to contractors and the jobsite. Demus Jordan, an owner in Decorative Concrete Resurfacing - Randleman, NC says, "Ultratex shows their care by helping you understand the material and succeed with your business." So, give them a call.

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