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As these pictures show, a concrete pool deck imprinted with stamps clearly stands out from a plain broom-finished pool deck.

Concrete Pool Deck
, John Siskin and Davis Colors in Los Angeles Concrete Pool Deck
, Designer Concrete Restoration in Indio, CA

Pool Decking Options
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Get ideas on selecting the right pool decking for your home. Visit several backyard pool decks to see why designer Scott Cohen chose concrete for the decking material.

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Due to the wide array of patterns and colors available—and the economy of stamped concrete compared with some of the pricier materials it mimics—stamped concrete has become an extremely popular decorative surface for pool decks and patios. Your pattern options are nearly unlimited, ranging from traditional materials such as brick, slate or flagstone, to specialized patterns with botanical or marine motifs, such a fern fronds or seashells. Colors and patterns for stamped concrete can be chosen to blend with other hardscaping elements around your home. Stamped concrete can also be intermingled with other decorative concrete treatments, such as exposed aggregate finishes and chemical staining.

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