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Pool decks made of concrete can often be installed faster and at a lower cost than comparable materials, such as natural stone, brick or tile. Plus concrete offers more color, pattern and finish options than these materials. Your final cost for a concrete pool deck will largely depend on how many decorative options you choose. If you're on a tight budget, stick with a simpler design, such as one coloring method and a single stamp pattern. Or mix stamped concrete with fields of less-expensive plain concrete. If you have more to spend, you can customize your look by choosing multiple colors and patterns or hand-applied designs. Be aware that your final cost can also vary depending on where you live, the size of the project, and the skill level of your contractor. And don't forget to factor in your long-term savings by installing concrete. Generally concrete will last longer and require less maintenance than most other pool deck paving materials, which can add up to big savings over the pool deck’s lifetime.

Concrete Pool Deck Cost Breakdown:

Smooth, Coffee
Concrete Pool Decks
Tom Ralston Concrete
Santa Cruz, CA

Simple Design

$6-$10 per square foot
May include one coloring method or decorative technique.

Concrete Pool Decks
Davis Colors
Los Angeles, CA

Custom Design

$10-$15 per square foot
May include two or three colors or a contrasting border.

Flagstone, Wheat
Concrete Pool Decks
New England Hardscapes Inc
Acton, MA

Elaborate Design

$15+ per square foot
May include borders, sawcut designs, and hand-applied coloring techniques.

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