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Concrete Fasteners

An overview of fastener types and how to choose the right size and capacity for the application

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Whenever you affix a nonstructural item to concrete, such as a picture frame, window shutters, or shelving, you'll need the right fastener to ensure a secure attachment. You have several types of fasteners to choose from, depending on the application and the weight of the item you're hanging. Here's an overview of your options and advice on what to consider when selecting a fastener. We also offer tips for properly installing concrete fasteners, including the appropriate tools to use and the mistakes to avoid.

Is it a fastener or an anchor?Many people use the two words interchangeably including manufacturers. However, attachment of non-structural items to concrete is generally considered to be "fastening", while attachment of structural elements to concrete is considered as "anchoring". Or another way of looking at it is that fasteners tend to be lighter and smaller than anchors although some can be used for both applications.