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  • Curved Steps, Large Entryway
Concrete Floors
Artisticrete, LLC
Noblesville, IN Stencil Used: Artcrete, basket weave brick
    Photo: Artisticrete, LLC
  • Herringbone Pattern
Concrete Floors
Universal Templates
Nashua, NH Stencil Used: Universal Templates, herringbone stencil
    Photo: Ultraseal Systems
  • Stenciled Overlay
Concrete Floors
Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes
Franklin, TN Stencil Used: Modello Designs
    Photo: Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes
  • Concrete Stencils Buyer’s Guide Get tips for selecting stenciling products Green Gold, Stenciled Border
Concrete Floors
Artistic Walls
Ventura, IA Stencil Used: Modello Designs
    Photo: Artistic Walls
  • Modello, Overlay
Concrete Floors
Art Over Concrete
Murfreesboro, TN Stencil Used: Modello Designs
    Photo: Art Over Concrete
  • Flattoo Stencil, Water Based Stained Logo
Concrete Floors
Stone Roots, Inc.
New Cumberland, PA Stencil Used: Surface Gel Tek, custom Flattoo
    Photo: Stone Roots, Inc.
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Concrete stencils offer contractors more versatility for adding patterns to concrete. Design details that seemed impossible to create by hand can now be applied with stencils available in basic designs to custom, computer-designed intricate patterns.

Time: 01:05

Learn how to use apper stencils to create a brick pattern in freshly poured concrete.

Time: 08:45

See concrete stencils being used. Learn the process for applying a stencil to concrete floors and get tips on properly using stencils.

Use this section to find information about popular concrete stenciling products, tools, and techniques.