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Epoxy Sealer Application
Time: 06:50
See how to mix the components of a two-part epoxy and apply the material to a concrete floor.

Epoxy sealers form a high-build protective film on the concrete surface, producing a hard, long-wearing, abrasion-resistant finish. They also offer excellent water repellence. They are available clear or pigmented, if you wish to add color. Most products impart a glossy finish. Epoxy sealers are much harder than acrylics. Water-based epoxies bond well to concrete and provide a clear finish, but they are nonporous and do not allow trapped moisture to escape. Epoxies are probably the best choice for concrete countertops and food-preparation areas.


Typical applications for epoxy sealers include:

  • Floors in high-traffic and food-preparation areas
  • Cement-based overlays
  • Concrete countertops

Because epoxies may yellow with UV exposure, they are generally limited to interior use. On decorative floors, a high-gloss clear epoxy finish will enrich the color and bring the design to life while protecting the floor from abrasion and foot traffic.

How to apply

Most epoxies are two-component products mixed prior to application. Once the epoxy is mixed, you will need to apply the material promptly, before it begins to set. Because of their high solids content and viscosity, good application methods include a notched squeegee followed by a lint-free roller.

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