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Stone Technologies, Corp.
Cost effective sealers for interior & exterior concrete: penetrating densifiers/hardeners, penetrating waterproof sealers & acrylic sealers. Gloss or matte finish, UV stable & VOC compliant. Free Shipping over $100.

Featured Product:
X-1 Penetrating Densifying Sealer

Complete line of concrete VOC, OSHA & FDA compliant sealers. Acrylic sealers & urethane sealers come in high-gloss, semi-gloss & natural look. Interior & exterior floor protection with extremely durable & high quality.

Featured Product:
Natural Look

Arizona Polymer Flooring
APF produces a wide range of specialized floor sealers with many performance options to meet your specific job requirements. Contact us today!

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Architectural Concrete Sealer Systems

Fast drying concrete sealers & waterproofing products. Save time & labor. Protect against sun, water, weather, foot & vehicle traffic. VOC compliant. Protect your concrete or cover wood with concrete.

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Complete Sealer Line

Versatile Building Products
1 & 2 component concrete sealers. Walk on our most popular 2 component sealer, Polyurea 5073, in 2 hours. Buy 5073 direct for $204.86 /2 gal & save. Free shipping.

Featured Product:
Clear Sealers

Complete line of concrete sealers for every application: high-gloss, satin-finish, UV resistant, slip resistant, water-based & more...Get sealers now!

Featured Product:
Satin-Seal Water-Based Acrylic

HP Spartacote
Patented polyaspartic concrete sealers. 1-2 hour cure time, 100% UV Clear, no fading, yellowing or chipping. 3x stonger than epoxy. Gloss, satin & matte finishes.

Featured Product:
All Sealers & Coatings

V-Seal Concrete Sealers
Expert free advice on all sealers. Over 300 products including 20 Year Sealers, True Cure+Sealer, & specialty sealers and coatings for floors & countertops. Call for FREE shipping.

Featured Product:
Cure & Seal

WerkMaster™ Ultra Guard – Up to 24 Hours of Protection against water, oils & acid left on the floor. C.F.I.A. approved. Indoor/Outdoor use. Resists efflorescence & corrosion. Slip Resistance is a 7 on James scale. UV stable

Featured Product:
Densifiers & Sealers

L.M. Scofield Company
SCOFIELD® concrete sealers, cure & seals & waxes to protect your concrete. Green products with low VOC's. Clear and colored sealers. 24 sealer colors.

Featured Product:
SCOFIELD® Revive Sealers

W.R. Meadows
Full line of decorative concrete sealers & curing agents. Sealers for patios, pool decks, driveways, polished concrete, stamped concrete & more. Our sealers provide quality protection for new & existing concrete.

Featured Product:
Decorative Concrete Sealers

NewLook International, Inc.
Full line of VOC-compliant sealers & coatings for every application, like water-based, nano-acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, elastomeric waterproofers. Matte, satin & gloss finishes, anti-graffiti, UV-resistant & more!

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H&C Decorative Concrete Products
H&C offers a variety of Solvent-Based & Water-Based Clear Sealers for residential & commercial applications. H&C Clear Sealers can be used to protect your decorative concrete or to waterproof bare concrete.

Featured Product:
Concrete Sealer Wet Look Water-Based

Eco Safety Products
The pioneer in “Smarter Chemistry” manufacturing advanced stains, coatings, & finishes. Renewable & recycled ingredients replace the function of toxic solvents without compromise. Get the lowest cost per s.f.

Featured Product:
Acri-Soy Penetrating Sealer

RadonSeal Concrete Care
Premium deep-penetrating concrete sealers for basements, concrete floors, driveways, patios, pavers, and pool decks. Concrete, masonry, or brick. Seal against water, vapor, and even radon. Contact us today!

Featured Product:
Permanent Concrete Waterproofing

Manufacturer of concrete & paver sealers, stains, resurfacing products & cleaning supplies since 1950. Products for residential & commercial applications. Order online or call for a distributor in your area.

Featured Product:
Clear Sealers & Coatings

Ultra Durable Technologies
Low maintenance, high durability sealers & coatings for concrete floors, countertops & walls. Zero VOC products for use in homes, hospitals, retail, restaurants & more. No stripping/buffing/waxing needed for years.

Featured Product:
IMPACT Floor Finish

Kretetek Industries
Our industry leading molecular Nano technology formulas have a lifetime warranty to permanently seal & protect. The product line features unrivaled penetrating sealers, waterproofers, coatings, sealers & dyes.

Featured Product:

Concrete Sealers USA
Professional grade concrete sealers for pros & homeowners. Environmentally friendly & easy to use on driveways, patios, floors, garages, basements & more. We're actively seeking applicators nationwide!

Featured Product:
Multi-Surface Penetrating Sealer

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