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Advice on Choosing and Applying Concrete Sealers

Decorative concrete expert, Chris Sullivan, provides in-depth answers to common questions about choosing and applying concrete sealers.

Hot Weather Sealing Basics
When the weather is hot, what should I watch out for when sealing exterior decorative concrete to prevent problems?

Cold Weather Sealing Basics
Are there general guidelines I need to be aware of when sealing exterior concrete in colder temperatures?

How to Pick the Right Sealer
How do I choose the best sealer to use for a particular project?

The Benefits of High-Speed Buffing of Finish Coats
Will there be a difference in gloss and durability when applying finish coatings with a high-speed buffer instead of a roller or mop?

What Is a Tinted Sealer?
have recently heard a lot about tinted sealers. What exactly are they, and how and where do I use them?

Does the VOC content of the sealer you're using meet current federal and local regulations?
I have heard that the VOC regulations are changing in 2006. How will this affect the use of solvent-based sealers in the United States? VOCs (or volatile organic compounds) are carbon-based compounds released from solvents and plastics that form ozone and

Sealers Perform Differently, Why?
On a recent stained concrete project, some areas of the floor were sealed with a two- part polyurethane sealer, while other areas of the same floor where sealed with a solvent based acrylic sealer.

Compatibility of Water- and Solvent-Based Sealers

Can I go back now and seal over the existing water-based sealer with a solvent-based sealer?