The cost of a concrete walkway can vary widely depending on its size and finish. Most U.S. homeowners pay between $6 and $12 per square foot for a new walkway. Prices can go beyond this if significant grading is required or a complex decorative finish is requested.

Colored, Entryway
Concrete Walkways

Basic: $6-10 per square foot

For just a few additional dollars per square foot, you can enhance a concrete walkway beyond just plain gray.

  • One coloring method
  • A textured rock salt or broom finish
  • Exposed aggregate
Path, Concrete, Walkway
Concrete Walkways
Deco-Systems of MD Inc
Germantown, MD

Mid-Range: $8-12 per square foot

The next price range includes elaborate decorative effects that allow for patterns and color contrast.

  • One stamped pattern
  • Two or more colors
  • A decorative border
  • Engraving
Concrete Walkways
Pac West Coatings
Carson, CA

High-End: $12 and up per square foot

You’ll pay the most for a completely custom walkway that requires special techniques or hand-applied colors.

  • Borders, sawcut designs, and hand-applied chemical stain accents
  • Advanced stenciling with hand-applied accents
  • Unique shapes that require detailed forms
Cost Factors

  • Amount of concrete needed
    Determined by width and length of walkway
  • Shape of walkway
    Straight edges are easier to form than curved edges
  • Amount of prep work required
    If the area is un-level and requires grading the cost will increase
  • Design complexity
    Multiple colors will cost more, as will complex patterns, borders or bands
  • Decorative finish
    A rock salt or broom finish is rather affordable, while stamping and engraving are more expensive
Front Walkway Before
Tri-State Concrete Resurfacing LLC
Levittown, PA Front Walkway During
Tri-State Concrete Resurfacing LLC
Levittown, PA Walkway After
Tri-State Concrete Resurfacing LLC
Levittown, PA

Before, during and after photos of an 80 square foot front entry walkway and steps resurfaced by Tri-State Concrete Resurfacing LLC. The overall cost for this project was $2700.

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