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Watch videos on concrete saw cutting to learn when and why different types of concrete saws and blades are used. Return to all videos

Concrete Saws and Saw Blades

Length - 06:07

Get an introduction to the various hand-held and walk-behind saws Harris uses to cut patterns and designs in concrete.

Sawcutting Patterns and Designs in Concrete

Length - 05:56

Harris creates a decorative floor medallion using a variety of diamond cutting tools, including a walk-behind saw with a special pivot that allows it to cut perfect circles.

Concrete Hand Grinders

Length - 05:45

See the decorative effects you can achieve in concrete with a hand-held diamond grinder, from straight lines, to circles, to free-form designs.

Dust Control for Concrete Saws

Length - 02:09

Controlling dust is important when using any type of concrete saw, grinder or cutting machine that creates airborne dust particles.

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Mongoose Concrete Saw

Length - 05:12

Mongoose saws and sawing blades. Tips on using this machine to cut intricate designs in concrete surfaces before coloring.

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Barracuda & Shark Engravers

Length - 04:31

How to properly use the barracuda and shark air driven tools to engrave grahics into concrete.

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Wasp & Dremel

Length - 05:00

Correct use and function of the wasp and dremel tools for engraving or cutting fine details into concrete.

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Crack-Vac Concrete Saw

Length - 05:10

Demo of the Crack-Vac, a concrete sawing tool that eliminates airborne dust.

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Blades & Grinders

Length - 08:33

High end decorative concrete grinders and blades demonstrated.

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Cut-Off Saw

Length - 04:22

How to use the cut-off saw, to cut control joints in concrete in order to prevent cracking.

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Concrete Safety Gear

Length - 02:03

Two important pieces of safety equipment, knee pads and a respirator, when working with concrete are demonstrated.