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Watch 15 how-to concrete videos about building concrete countertops. Award-winning designer and renowned trainer, Fu-Tung Cheng explains and demonstrates countertop making materials, tools, and techniques.Fu-Tung Cheng is the founder of CHENG Concrete, a concrete countertop contracting company, and CHENG Design, a residential and commercial design firm. He is also author of the books Concrete Countertops and Concrete at Home.

Countertop Templates Mixing Tools Forms
Site Cheng - materials

Templating Material for Concrete Countertops Video

Length: 01:50

Site Cheng - mixer

Concrete Mixers: Mixing Concrete for Countertops Video

Length: 04:21

View the video about concrete mixers for countertops

Site Cheng - mold-rubbers

Molds and Mold Rubbers for Concrete Countertops Video

Length: 03:45

Casting & Consolidation Finishing Tools More Videos
Site Cheng - table

Casting Tables: Tips for Selecting and Building Video

Length: 03:09

View both videos about casting and consolidating countertops

Site Cheng - polish-pads

Wet Polishers & Pads: Polishing Concrete Countertops

Length 06:02

Site Cheng - experience

Concrete Design Tips: View 16 videos by Fu-Tung Cheng

Site barracuda-shark Bob Harris Videos

Decorative Concrete Tool Demonstration Videos: View all 30 videos by Bob Harris

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