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Finishing Tools for Concrete Countertops

Award winning designer and renowned trainer, Fu-Tung Cheng provides tips and demonstrations of finishing tools for concrete countertops.
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Site Cheng - polish-pads

Wet Polishers & Pads

Length - 06:02

Using wet polishers and pads for polishing concrete coutnertops.

Site Cheng - grinder-cup-wheels

Grinders & Cup Wheels Used to Make Concrete Countertops

Length - 05:37

Grinders and cup wheels used to make concrete countertops.

Site Cheng - water-recycling

Water Recycling System- Why You Should Use One

Length - 03:16

Water Recycling Systems.

Site Cheng - hand-grinding-blocks

Hand Grinding Blocks

Length - 03:21

Grinding edges of concrete countertops.

Site Cheng - trivet-rail

Trivet and Rail Strips

Length - 03:38

Trivet and rail strips for concrete countertop protection.