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How to Seal Concrete

Spraying Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealers will make your concrete more resistant to weather exposure, water, grease and oil stains, abrasion and deicing salts. What's more, they will help to bring out the natural beauty of your concrete and make it easier to clean.

Surface preparation before applying a sealer to existing concrete is extremely important. All unsightly marks, stains, dirt, and dust must be removed or they will be amplified by the sealer's transparent sheen. (See Cleaning Concrete.) Also, if a sealer is being applied over a different brand of sealer, most manufacturers advise removing all traces of previously used sealers, since the products may not be compatible.

When sealing newly placed concrete, consider using a cure-and-seal product, which is effective for both curing and sealing.

Whichever brand of concrete sealer you use, be sure to follow the specific instructions for the product, both for surface preparation and application. This link provides a list of concrete sealer manufacturers.

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