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Acceptable Surfaces: Can Your Concrete be Resurfaced?
Surface Preparation
Concrete Restoration: Step-by-Step Overview
Raising Sunken Concrete by Slabjacking
Applications for Resurfacing
Restore Concrete: Resurfacing Outdoor Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks, Sidewalks and Walkways
Resurfacing Interior Floors: Cover Concrete with Decorative Concrete Overlays
Decorative Concrete Overlays: Discover the Decorative Options for Resurfaced Concrete
Decorative Options for Concrete Overlays
Adding Color to Overlays
Stamped Concrete Patterns and Designs
Outrageous Concrete Overlay Projects
Concrete Floor Coverings: Creative Ways to Cover Concrete
Other Ways to Add Pattern and Color to Existing Concrete
Staining Concrete to Improve the Appearance
Applying Decorative Stencils to Existing Concrete
Sawcutting Patterns in Existing Concrete
Concrete Engraving
Garage Floor Coatings: add Color, Hide Imperfections
Related Information
Five Ideas for Remodeling with Concrete
Power Washing
, 1. Power Washing: Surface Preparation
Crack Repair, Prime Cracks
, 2. Crack Repair: Prime Cracks
Crack Repair, Fabric Reinforcement
, 3. Crack Repair: reinforce with fabric.
Elastomeric Basecoat
, 4. Crack Repair: Apply elastomeric basecoat over Fabric
Polymer Concrete Patch
, 5. Crack Repair: Patch over fabric with polymer concrete
Grind Polymer Concrete
, 6. Crack Repair Grind polymer concrete to smooth with surrounding concrete surface
Repair Holes
, 7. Repair Holes Fill with epoxy mortar
Apply Primecoat, Granule Broadcast
, 8. With the concrete surface properly repaired, apply primecoat & granule broadcast
Make Ultra Surface Polymer
, 9. Make Ultra Surface Polymer
Spray Polymer Concrete, Hopper Gun
, 10. Texture Coat: Spray polymer concrete with hopper gun
Trowle Finish
, 11. Trowel over texture coat to finish
Texture Coat
, 12. After Ultra Surface Polymer Concrete texture coat and trowel finish
Color Coat Application, Colorcoat 100
, 13. Colorcoat Application Colorcoat100 - Concrete Gray
Sealcoat Application
, 14. Sealcoat Application Sealcoat 1000 Clear
Curing Time
, 15. Curing Time Following the Sealcoat, let cure 48 - 72 hours before vehicular traffic

Resurfacing concrete is an economical method to revitalize and fix concrete.

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