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Concrete Engraving Transforms Existing Concrete

Engrave permanent patterns into existing concrete, from brick and cobblestone designs to custom logos and graphics

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Concrete Engraving Tools

There are many decorative treatments for freshly placed concrete, including pattern stamping, exposed aggregate, and textured finishes. But what about an existing plain-gray concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio that's in sore need of decorative flair? How do you give it a dramatic and lasting makeover, short of ripping it out and starting over?

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See how to engrave concrete using a specialized tool designed for creating patterns in concrete floors, driveways, patios & more.

One answer is concrete engraving or concrete etching-the use of special tools and equipment to etch patterns and designs into existing concrete. Unlike toppings or overlays, engraving is a permanent treatment that won't wear away or lose bond because the patterns are carved into the concrete rather than applied on top of it. When the concrete is further enhanced by staining, the decorative possibilities are truly spectacular.