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Foam Concrete Forms & Decorative Forming Materials

Forms for concrete countertops, furiture and precast concrete products like chairs, tables, planters and benches

The growth in popularity of concrete countertops, furniture and decorative precast products has led to new and innovative methods of forming (see these videos of concrete countertop forming materials and techniques) and mold making (see Concrete Countertop Molds). These non-traditional methods of forming often involve creating negative spaces or inverted forms, where the concrete piece is actually poured upside down to achieve a desired effect or finish. These forms are often made of materials such as melamine, laminated board or acrylic glass, screw mounted to a large board. Inserts are often attached to the inside of the forms to provide decorative edging or artistic relief.


Renowned trainer Fu-Tung Cheng shows how to form concrete countertops using melamine. — Length: 01:39

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As more states and municipalities look for ways to beautify concrete construction projects, the use of decorative form liners is growing as well. These plastic sheets with a relief of stone, tile or artistic designs are attached to the inside of the forming system. The concrete assumes the shape and relief of the liner, resulting in a decorative concrete surface. (See Form Liners for Cast-in-Place Concrete.)

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