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Integral Color and Color Hardener Buyer's Guide

  • Stamped Leaf Pattern, Pool Deck
Concrete Floors
Artistic Concrete
Riverside, RI Integral Color Used: Scofield
    Photo: Artistic Concrete
  • Concrete Floors
Hyde Concrete
Pasadena, MD Integral Color Used: LaFarge
    Photo: Hyde Concrete
  • Eco-Stain
Concrete Floors
J&H Decorative Concrete LLC
Uniontown, OH Integral Color Used: Solomon Colors
    Photo: J&H Concrete
  • Integral Colored Concrete, Concrete Color
Concrete Floors

, Integral Color Used: Butterfield Color
    Photo: Morton Arboretum
  • Flagstone Stamp, Faux Flagstone, Brown
Concrete Floors
Riverstone Stamped Concrete
Spokane, Washington Integral Color Used: Davis Colors
    Photo: Riverstone Stamped Concrete
  • Patios, Patios, And More Patios
Concrete Floors

, Integral Color Used: Butterfield Color
    Photo: J. Robert Anderson Landscape Architects
  • Concrete Floors
Nobel Concrete
Jenison, MI Integral Color Used: Prism Pigments
    Photo: Nobel Concrete
  • Concrete Floors
Lasting Impressions in Concrete
Petaluma, CA Integral Color Used: Scofield
    Photo: Lasting Impressions in Concrete
  • Elevated Balcony, Patio Over Lake
Concrete Floors
Artisticrete, LLC
Noblesville, IN Integral Color Used: Solomon Colors
    Photo: ArtistiCrete
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Time: 04:51

Integral color is used to provide color throughout the entire concrete slab. Find out when integral color is used and how to properly integrate it into your concrete mix.

Time: 04:29

Concrete color hardeners are broadcast on top of freshly poured concrete to provide added color. Color hardener is often used during the concrete stamping process. See color hardener being used and get expert tips.

Find Integral Color and Hardener Supplies

Tips for Buying Integral Color

Tips for Buying Dry-Shake Color Hardeners

Weighing the Options: Cost vs Labor Savings, Desired Color Effects, Creating Samples, and More

Tips for Achieving Consistent Color

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Find Integral Color and Hardener Supplies

Two popular methods for coloring fresh poured concrete are integral coloring admixtures and dry-shake color hardeners. The rich, long-lsating, fade-resistant color they impart is one of their biggest selling points. In addition, color hardeners can even improve the surface hardness and durability of concrete.

So which is the best method to use to take your next project from bland to color? Here's a primer on the differences between integral color and shake-on color hardener and some of the advantages and limitations of each. We also give you tips for buying and using these products as well as pointers for achieving consistent color.

Author Anne Balogh, Columnist and Senior Editor of Concrete Network Magazine