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Concrete Countertop Supplies & Tools - Buyer's Guide

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  1. Countertop molds
  2. Casting table
  3. Concrete countertop mix
  4. Liquid or powdered pigments
  5. Decorative add-ins
  6. Mortar mixer
  7. Reinforcing materials
  8. Knockouts for sinks and faucets
  9. Concrete vibrators
  10. Curing covers
  11. Provisions for transport
  12. Shims and other leveling devices
  13. Grinding and polishing equipment
  14. Patching materials
  15. Sealer and finishing wax

Author Anne Balogh, Columnist and Senior Editor of Concrete Network Magazine

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Find Concrete Countertop Supplies

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  • Concrete Floors
Petra Cast Stone
Rockford, MI Pigment Used: Prism Pigments
    Photo: Petra Cast Stone
  • Cast In Place Countertops
Concrete Floors
Decorative Concrete Institute
Temple, GA Mix Used: enCounter
    Photo: Decorative Concrete Institute
  • Concrete Floors
Klus Konstruction
, Admixtures Used: Blue Concrete
    Photo: Klus Konstruction
  • Countertop, Dark Grey
Concrete Floors
Coletti Concrete Studio
Sebastian, FL Mix Used: Fu-Tung Cheng
    Photo: Coletti Concrete Studio
  • Concrete Bartop
Concrete Floors
Hard Topix
Jenison, MI Pigment Used: Blue Concrete
    Photo: Hard Topix
  • Concrete Floors
Surfacing Solutions
Temecula, CA Edge Form Used: enCounter
    Photo: Surfacing Solutions
  • Concrete Floors
Culloton Design
Los Angeles, CA Wax Used: Buddy Rhodes
    Photo: Culloton Design
  • Seamless Island, Concrete Island
Concrete Floors
Hard Topix
Jenison, MI Mix Used: Fishstone Concrete Countertop Supply
    Photo: Hard Topix
  • Concrete Bar
Concrete Floors
Decorative Concrete Institute
Temple, GA Mix Used: enCounter
    Photo: Decorative Concrete Institute
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If you currently install decorative concrete floors and are considering expanding your repertoire to include concrete countertops, you're likely to need a bunch of supplies not already in your inventory. To help you get started, here's a list of more than a dozen essentials, along with buying tips from three concrete countertop veterans: Jeff Girard of The Concrete Countertop Institute, Raleigh, N.C., Buddy Rhodes of Buddy Rhodes Studio, San Francisco, and Evan Lloyd of Solid Solutions, Fresno, Calif.

Because the main allure of concrete countertops is their distinctive handcrafted appearance, many of the fabricators who produce them develop their own mixes and methods to differentiate their products, and thus may require additional materials and supplies not mentioned here. So use this list only as a springboard to developing your own signature look!

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