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How to use "faux rock" made of concrete to create stunning backyard waterscapes

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Artificial rocks made of concrete or other materials are a dramatic yet economical way to enhance water features, landscapes, buildings, and more.

Rock and stone have long been valued as natural, distinctive landscaping elements. But imagine the equipment, effort, and expense that would be required to haul large boulders weighing at least a ton each into a backyard and then to stack them around an in-ground pool or pond water feature.

That's why more and more landscape and swimming pool designers and contractors are turning to faux rock for water feature construction. Not only can artificial rocks be molded, textured, and colored to exactly replicate the look and feel of real rock formations, they also can be built onsite, eliminating the inconvenience and expense of hauling in material to build a water feature.


See these examples, including a concrete fire trough with a waterfall backdrop and concrete water basins flanking a concrete pool deck.
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