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Ram Jack Systems Distribution, LLC Ada, OK

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair
Ram Jack Systems Distribution, LLC
Ada, OK

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Ram Jack Systems Distribution, LLC Ada, OKA computer generated image showing how helical piers support a home's foundation.

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Ram Jack Systems Distribution, LLC Ada, OKThis image shows how push piers work to repair and support a foundation.

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Ram Jack Systems Distribution, LLC Ada, OKA close-up of a hydraulic powered push pier.

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Piling or piering is the technique of driving steel pipe pilings to remedy failing building foundations and to correct foundation settlement.

Advantages of piers

Pier installation steps

Push piers

Helical piers

Push piers consist of sections of galvanized or epoxy-coated steel pipe that are driven into the soil with a hydraulic ram.

Helical piers use screw piles with steel shafts. The lead section, with one or more helixes attached, provides the needed bearing capacity. The piers are screwed into the ground with a hydraulic torque motor.

With either system, one or more steel piers are driven to rock or a suitable soil bearing layer and are connected to the foundation through a metal head assembly. Once a suitable bearing stratum is reached, each pile is tested to a force greater then required to support the structure.

Hydraulic jacks attach to the embedded steel piers and are used to raise the foundation back to its original elevation. Once the structure is restored to the desired elevation the piles are affixed (bolted or welded) to wall brackets, locking the new elevation of the structure.

Piers also offer an affordable solution for decks, porches, patios, hot tubs as well as pre-fab buildings.

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