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The standard slab thickness is 1.5" - 2" slabs are also quite common. Larger thickness is also possible and is done for aesthetic reasons. If a 6" slab is desired, however, the back and center are still 1.5" thick and the front "grows" to the desired thickness. So it still looks 6" thick but is only 6" thick in the front.


A 1.5" thick standard concrete countertop has an approximate weight of 18.75 pounds per square foot. (Granite is approximately 18 pounds per square foot.) The countertop weight can be less if lightweight concrete is used. Though some countertop contractors will not use lightweight concrete because it has less strength.

Standard cabinetry will support the concrete slabs as the weight of the countertops is distributed over a large area.

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Flowstone Concrete Studio
Sacramento, CA

Flowstone Concrete Studio in Sacramento, CA.

Size Limitations
Each concrete countertop contractor has optimum and maximum countertop sizes they work with.

Sizes they work with depend on countertop structural issues, shipping, and handling (a ten square foot countertop weighs nearly 200 pounds.)

Soupcan Inc., a countertop contractor, uses 10 feet long or 20 square feet in area as their maximum size for standard pricing. Larger sizes will require seams.

Tricks for Super-Sized Countertops

Depending on the overall countertop dimension, joints are often incorporated to accommodate handling. Seams can become a design element. CONCRETEWORKS STUDIO fills joints with a color matching latex. Soupcan Inc., uses a clear, 100% silicon sealer.

Seams in concrete countertops will look similar to the seams in marble or granite- you can see them, but they don't present any design or aesthetic problem.

Oversized Countertop Examples

Concrete Patios
DC Custom Concrete
San Diego, CA9-Foot Free Span Concrete Kitchen Countertop DC Custom Concrete in San Diego, CA
Concrete Patios
Stone Soup Concrete
Easthampton, MAA Concrete Countertop Captain Ahab Would Love Stone Soup Concrete in Florence, MA
Concrete Patios
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Jenison, MICurved and Colored Concrete Countertop Nobel Concrete in Jenison, MI
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Concrete Countertops
Hard Topix
Jenison, MISeamless White IslandHard Topix Precast Concrete, Jenison, Mich.

Express Yourself with Various Sizes

Concrete Countertops
Stone Soup Concrete
Easthampton, MA

Concrete is the perfect material for creating countertops in various sizes and dimensions. In this example, concrete provides a long, smooth surface in a circular shape. It also provides the ability to create rounded edges for the base, also made of concrete.

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Curves, sharp edges, angled designs, long spans, and more can be created with concrete. No two countertops are alike which is part of their attraction for homeowners who want a completely one-of-a-kind custom counter.