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Troweling produces a hard, smooth, dense surface and should be done immediately after floating.

Wagman Metal Products
York, PA

Wagman Metal Products

Wagman Metal Products
York, PA

Wagman Metal Products

Troweling can be done by machine or by hand .If done by hand, the finisher will float and trowel and area before moving his knee-boards.

Video: Bull Float Tool Demonstration
Time: 02:46
Learn how to level wet concrete with a bullfloat.

Video: Fresno Tool Demonstration
Time: 03:13
Learn the proper function and use of thefresno tool.

A fresno is a steel trowel attached to a bull-float handle. Putting a long handle on the trowel allows finishers to trowel the concrete without walking out onto the slab. Fresno trowels do not, however, produce the same density or wear resistance that is produced by multiple hand trowelings where the finisher can apply greater pressure to densify the concrete.

Multiple Trowelings:

More than one troweling can be done: as the concrete sets each successive troweling should be made with a smaller trowel tipped at a greater angle than the last troweling. This increases pressure on the surface producing maximum floor smoothness and hardness. However, hard troweled surfaces are not suggested for outdoor surfaces since they become slippery when wet.

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