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Concrete Countertops
Liquid Stone Designs
Lenexa, KS
    Liquid Stone Desigs in Lenexa, KS

Do you have visions of clean, gleaming surfaces in your bathroom versus the likely cluttered, broken, or leaky mess that greets you everyday? If you're planning to tackle a bathroom remodel, here are a collection of useful links to answer your most basic questions, and to introduce you to the durable, cost-effective, and customizable options using concrete.

With concrete, you get all the benefits of a solid surface: luxury, durability, and easy care. Concrete is a great option for bathrooms because you can be so creative with it. Its customizable nature allows you to color it to complement accessories, shape it to form tubs, window sills, or integral sinks, and to use it every day worry-free.

Bathroom Remodeling CostsLocal realtors will tell you that the return on investment for remodeling a bathroom is between 80-90%. No matter how big or small your budget is, any improvements to your bathroom will make a difference. For bathrooms, concrete countertops are the most popular installation. Read about standard concrete countertop costs.

Bathroom Remodel DesignsBathroom Remodel Plans: There are four basic bathroom floorplans you'll find yourself choosing among: the hallway, the 'L', the aisle, and the 'U'

Design with Concrete Sinks and Vessels: Facts about concrete sinks and a look at the design options for creating any shape or color

Bathroom Countertops: How to incorporate concrete in your bathroom design

Concrete countertop construction & design tips from Concrete-Countertops.org

Comparison Chart:

Concrete vs. Other Countertop Materials

See how concrete compares to granite, tile, quartz and other surface options. View Chart


Bathroom Remodel IdeasKeep these three 'bigger picture' ideas in your head when you plan for your bathroom remodel

  • Create space. Get as many items off the floor as you can. When typical bathrooms are averaging 50 square feet, the less items you have crowding the space, the better. Create places to store items. Look up and install shelving. Add a cabinet mirror. Choose a bathroom vanity with cabinet space.

  • Improve the look. Coordinate colors and accessories. Choose a concrete countertop that can complement the concrete floor. Create a theme and choose colors accordingly (such as a beach theme with hand-seeded sea shells or a rustic design, or an apothecary design).

  • Concrete tub ideas. See six great design ideas for concrete tubs.

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Medicine Hat, ABCar Enthusiast Revs Up Bathroom Fixtures with Concrete from Rafter C Precast Concrete in Alberta, Canada.

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