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Faux finishing techniques for walls, floors, rock hardscapes, and more using concrete and other products

What is Faux Finishing on Concrete?

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Faux Finished Walls from Faux Designs in Albany, OR

Covering Walls with Concrete: Getting a Faux Finished Look with Brickform's Micro-Topping

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Designing and creating with faux finish techniques provides many options for making plain surfaces much more intriguing and appealing. "Just about any concrete surface can be faux finished," says Catherine Clark, owner of It's Beauty-Faux in Murrieta, CA. "People are still very naive about concrete, they think it's still gray," she says. "Concrete and faux finishing are merging because they're both art."

Various tools, methods, techniques, and products give artisans the freedom to create masterpieces on surfaces that would otherwise be unappealing. Below are ideas and photos of faux finishes incorporated onto walls, floors, rocks, and more.

Vertical Stamping hidden door Creative Rock Forming Hickory Hills, IL

Carved Concrete Walls
Handcarved vertical concrete is one of the newest trends in concrete, and Nathan Giffin, owner of Creative Rock Forming, is helping to develop that trend. "For carving, I use a variety of other tools such as brushes, point trowels, rounded pool trowels, etc." Giffin uses skins and stamps to give original textures, and then handcarves to give the rocks shape and character. Read more about Giffin's techniques for carving concrete on walls.

Vertical Concrete Stamping

Vertical Concrete Stamping
The Castle Bed & Breakfast in Temecula, California is using concrete walls, floors, and even ceilings to create different themes for each of its guest rooms. The English Tudor Room has a river rock theme, while the French Country Room has a more formal cut stone appearance. In the Egyptian Room there are big blocky stones for the walls and tub enclosure, while the Bavarian Room has concrete that looks like rough-cut wood. Read more about how vertical concrete stamping transformed the appearance of this bed & breakfast.