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Wall Mixes for Vertical Resurfacing

Some contractors who specialize in vertical work have developed their own wall mixes based on tried-and-true formulas. But a number of companies now sell convenient, ready-to-use prepackaged mixes that are simply mixed onsite with water.

Most vertical mixes are composed of a blend of cement, graded lightweight aggregates, polymers and admixtures. Some are also fiber-reinforced. They are mixed with a paddle or mortar mixer and then applied with a hand trowel, similar to plaster, or even with a shotcrete gun, depending on the size of the area to be resurfaced. Application thicknesses can range from 1/4 inch to 2 inches or more, depending on whether the overlay will be imprinted with a shallow or deep texture.

Because of their high polymer content, vertical mixes require no curing. Most products are also water resistant and unaffected by freeze-thaw conditions, permitting outdoor use in most climates. Usually the mixes come in two colors: gray or white. But many manufacturers also sell colorants that can be mixed in with their products to achieve nearly any hue desired.

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