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Although prepackaged countertop mixes are easier to use and more foolproof than a mix made from scratch, some products are designed to be especially user friendly and are intended for use by do-it-yourselfers and pros alike.

Cheng Concrete Berkeley, CA Products Sakrete Charlotte, NC

One such mix is CHENG Pro-Formula from the Cheng Concrete countertop line, developed by award-winning designer Fu-Tung Cheng. It's described as an "all-in-one" concrete countertop mix that the user simply mixes with sacked concrete (such as Sakrete 5000 Plus) and water. Designed for precast countertops, it contains special admixtures to ensure a smoother surface, a water reducer to make the mix easier to work with, and high-quality iron-oxide pigments to produce vibrant, long-lasting color (several color choices are available). All the ingredients are combined in one kit in premeasured quantities. Two different package sizes are available to yield either 1 or 3 cubic feet of concrete.

Products LifeTime Elements - QUICKTOPS Hudson, WI

QuickTops, from LifeTime Floors, is a two-component countertop mix that's ready for polishing just 4 hours after pouring, according to the company. It comes in two kit sizes: one that yields 12 square feet of countertop and another for smaller jobs that yields 4 square feet. You simply mix the premeasured dry component with the provided bucket or pail of liquid and then mix in bags of colored aggregate, which come in a choice of 16 different blends.

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