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Concrete Countertop Mixes - Buyer's Guide

Prepackaged mixes can take the trial and error out of concrete countertop making. Here's a roundup of some of the products available, ranging from those designed for maximum ease of use to mixes you can customize to suit the job.

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Author Anne Balogh, Columnist and Senior Editor of Concrete Network Magazine

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  • Countertop, Dark Grey
Concrete Floors
Coletti Concrete Studio
Sebastian, FL Mix Used: Fu-Tung Cheng
    Photo: Coletti Concrete Studio
  • Concrete Floors
Klus Konstruction
, Admixtures Used: Blue Concrete
    Photo: Klus Konstruction
  • Concrete Bartop
Concrete Floors
Hard Topix
Jenison, MI Pigment Used: Blue Concrete
    Photo: Hard Topix
  • Concrete Floors
Culloton Design
Los Angeles, CA Wax Used: Buddy Rhodes
    Photo: Culloton Design
  • Concrete Floors
Surfacing Solutions
Temecula, CA Edge Form Used: enCounter
    Photo: Surfacing Solutions
  • Cast In Place Countertops
Concrete Floors
Decorative Concrete Institute
Temple, GA Mix Used: enCounter
    Photo: Decorative Concrete Institute
  • Concrete Floors
Petra Cast Stone
Rockford, MI Pigment Used: Prism Pigments
    Photo: Petra Cast Stone
  • Concrete Bar
Concrete Floors
Decorative Concrete Institute
Temple, GA Mix Used: enCounter
    Photo: Decorative Concrete Institute
  • Seamless Island, Concrete Island
Concrete Floors
Hard Topix
Jenison, MI Mix Used: Fishstone Concrete Countertop Supply
    Photo: Hard Topix
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It's certainly fitting that the biggest market for concrete countertops is in the kitchen, whether residential or commercial. In many ways, the artisans who make concrete countertops can be compared to creative cooks, often experimenting by combining ingredients in unique ways to liven up the menu or satisfy different tastes.

This passion to innovate is what makes the products of accomplished cooks and countertop makers alike so distinctive and appealing. Yet even the most experimental cook will admit that certain recipes, such as the perfect pie crust, simply shouldn't be messed with because consistency is so essential to good results. Likewise, concrete countertop makers will often insist that the perfect countertop begins with a consistent, proven mix design.

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