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Interior Overlays & Toppings in USA and Worldwide

Microtoppings & stampable overlays for interior concrete floors. Grey & white overlay mixes. Use with integral or stains. Try our Micro-Bond or Super-Stamp mixes.

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Concrete Solutions Products by Rhino Linings
For spray-on micro topping, use Spray-Top® & Texture-Top. For troweled & broom finish, use Trowel-Top. For stamped finishes use our 1/4” Stamping System. Use on interior & exterior installs with integral color or stains.

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Spray-Top Overlay System

Texture Crete, concrete stains, & sealers for interor applications. Smooth or textured overlay. Multiple color options & products are environmentally friendly.

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Liquid Dazzle Metallic Epoxy

Arizona Polymer Flooring
Interior overlay systems based on APF architectural polymer concrete that produces the ultimate combination of beauty, durability & design freedom. Contact us today!

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Cem-Rez Decorative Polymer Overlays

Versatile Building Products
4100 is a Vapor Blocking Epoxy. Use on concrete to reduce vapor emissions under overlays. Buy direct: $94.26 for 1.5 gal. Free shipping. Versa-Deck for waterproofing.

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4100 Epoxy Coating - Vapor Block

Butterfield Color
Prepackaged concrete overlay that can be applied as a microtopping or stampable overlay. Color integrally or with a stain. Can be spray applied too.

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T1000 Stamp Overlay

Use BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay™ & texture mats to reproduce the look of natural materials, or use BRICKFORM Micro-Topping™ to create smooth, colored concrete.

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Duraamen Engineered Products
Extraordinary concrete flooring products and superior customer support designed to help you get exceptional results on your next project!

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Self-Leveling Concrete Overlays

H&C Decorative Concrete Products
Heavy Traffic & Instant Texture Systems have excellent adhesion, resist mildew & are skid resistant. These Single Component products are for new or old concrete. Add Color to bagged goods with H&C Color Packs.

Featured Product:
H&C Concrete Resurfacers

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