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Hot Weather Concreting

Concrete work in hot weather brings some challenges. Learn what they are and how to overcome them.

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Man, it's hot outside! You may be able to handle that heat, but can your concrete work? It can, if you take a few simple steps to help it along. There are many ways to lessen the effects of hot weather on concrete. In the following links you will learn about these effects and how to avoid them. Once you understand the power of heat and how to control it, your days of uncontrolable set times, shrinkage and cracks will be over.

The Effects of Hot Weather on Concrete

Concrete Mixes for Hot Weather

Tips for Placing Concrete in Hot Weather

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Seasonal Pouring Tips

Get guidelines for placing concrete by region and season throughout the U.S.


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Video: Hot Weather Concreting

Tips for placing concrete in hot weather including how to manage concrete temperature and more. — Length: 01:31