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I recently patched some minor cracks in a concrete floor and now I want to stain the entire floor. Will the repaired areas absorb the stain like the rest of the floor? I want the color to be uniform.


Any time you stain a floor with repaired or patched areas, expect a color difference. The base color and character of the concrete has a lot of influence on the final color and look that is achieved when you apply translucent stains or dyes. Since a concrete patching material will have a different porosity and profile than the existing concrete, it can be expected that the repaired areas will stain differently. Sometimes the differences will be subtle, and sometimes they can be extreme. Always do a test to determine the actual color difference that might occur. If the color difference is unacceptable, consider applying a concrete overlay or microtopping over the entire slab to achieve a new, uniform surface on which to apply your stain.

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