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Ceiling/Floor Draftstopping, Firestopping, Smoke Detectors

Dropped ceilings below wood joists or attached directly to wood floor trusses shall be draftstopped with "drywall or 3/8" plywood at 500 s.f. intervals and parallel to framing members.

Firestopping consisting of 2" lumber, minimum 23/32" structural panel, or approved non-combustible materials shall be provided at the ceiling line in concealed spaces of stud walls/partitions, including furred or studded-off spaces of concrete foundation walls and at soffits, dropped ceilings and similar spaces.

An AC powered, UL listed smoke detector with battery backup shall be located in the vicinity of all bedroom entrance doors and inside each bedroom. Provide a minimum of one AC powered UL listed smoke detector with battery backup at the bottom of the stair for basements without bedrooms.

All detectors within the house shall be interconnected so that the activation of any alarm will sound all alarms throughout the house.

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