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Concrete Repair Video Series

Explanations of common concrete problems and tips for repair

Watch a series of easy-to-understand, informative, and entertaining videos from concrete technical expert Chris Sullivan. As the author of a popular online forum, Sullivan explains common problems that arise when installing decorative concrete. He presents quality information in a simple and fun format for understanding why issues arise, and most importantly, ways to prevent and fix problems.

Chris Sullivan is vice president of sales and marketing for ChemSystems Inc. He frequently speaks about troubleshooting decorative concrete at the World of Concrete tradeshow. In his online forum, Sullivan's Corner, he answers technical questions for contractors around the country.

Video: Spalled Concrete

Why Concrete Spalls - Repair Spalled Concrete - Part 1

Length - 06:08

Chris Sullivan discusses the main factors contributing to concrete spalling, or scaling, on outdoor concrete slabs.

Repairing Spalled Concrete

How to Fix Spalled Concrete - Repair Spalled Concrete - Part 2

Length - 05:17

Chris Sullivan demonstrates how to repair spalling damage using a polymer-modified cementitious overlay, or microtopping.

Color Correcting Stamped Concrete

Length - 08:03

Chris Sullivan shows the steps to preparing a concrete surface for topically applied color concentrate.

Concrete Staining Prep Video

Surface Preparation - From Carpet to Stained Concrete - Part 1

Length - 06:19

In this videos see how a carpet floor is removed and prepared for a concrete microtopping and concrete stain that will add color and life to the concrete floor.

Concrete Crack Repair - From Carpet to Stained Concrete - Part 2

Length - 04:39

The first step in fixing concrete cracks is chasing the crack with a grinder. This makes the cracks wider in order to allow the repair material to fill the crack.

Self-Leveling Concrete Video

Self-Leveling Concrete – From Carpet to Stained Concrete – Part 3

Length - 04:28

When your planning on staining a concrete floor you often need to deal with uneven concrete. Applying a self-leveling concrete overlay or underlayment levels the floor.

Microtopping Application

Microtopping Installation – From Carpet to Stained Concrete – Part 4

Length - 04:53

One of the most important parts of preparing a concrete floor for a stain or overlay is repairing cracks and divots in the surface.

From Carpet to Stained Concrete

Concrete Stain Application - From Carpet to Stained Concrete - Part 5

Length - 04:33

See concrete stain being applied to a concrete microtopping. There are tips on color selection and application of concrete stains and concrete dyes.

Sealing Stained Concrete – From Carpet to Stained Concrete – Part 6

Length - 06:41

Get tips on sealing concrete from application to adding waxed to protect the sealer.