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1. Custom Concrete Countertops Resemble Appalachian Stone

This bartop is the focal point of this home's entertaining area. The homeowners wanted the counters to look like natural stone, but did not want granite. Concrete was chosen for its flexibility in replicating stone. The bartop has a freeform shape and veining that reveals polished glass. Read more about the techniques used.

2. A Game Room Floor Gets a Winning Surface

Only the best would do for the bar and game room of this high-end custom home. The 1,800 square foot floor was resurfaced with a stained microtopping. Extensive surface preparation was involved to ensure a crack and blemish free surface. The topping was colored in a way that looked aged and rustic. Learn more about the creation of this floor.

3. Hammered Spoons Enhance Farmhouse Sink

This modern farmhouse sink has an integral drainboard like no other. Stainless steel spoons are arranged beneath a clear piece of glass. The sink also features a recessed section filled with river rock. See more photos of this concrete farmhouse sink.

4. A Stamped Concrete Patio and Pergola Transform a Boring Backyard

When this home was newly constructed, the backyard was nothing but a colorless, flat expanse of dirt. Now the homeowners have an inviting outdoor space for entertaining, complete with a colored and stamped concrete patio, a large pergola, and a stone-faced fireplace

5. Concrete Trees Grow In a New Orleans-Themed Basement

These Pennsylvania homeowners wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the Big Easy in their basement. They were concerned with covering up the support poles. The solution was to encase the poles with faux concrete trees with life-like bark and branches. See more of this project.

6. A Custom Log Cabin Gets Stained Concrete Floors and Countertops

This remote West Virginia cabin was built to last for many years. Concrete floors and counters were chosen for their durability, beauty and ability to distribute radiant heat. The stained floors feature a compass design while the countertops were hand engraved and enhanced with a metallic epoxy. See more about this unique cabin and its concrete floors and countertops.

7. Kitchen Makeover Exhibits the Natural Beauty of Gray Concrete

Concrete can be cast in nearly any color, but for this kitchen natural gray steals the show. The client wanted the kitchen to be natural, eco-friendly and simple. Board-formed pillars, a floor overlay and concrete counters with different textures and finishes help achieve a timeless look. Read more.

8. Social Hall Floor Gets Eye-Catching Colored Concrete

At Our Lady of Guadalupe Religious Education Center in Dallas, Ga., the pastor's favorite part of his new building is the social hall floor. The design was carefully thought out to incorporate colors and patterns that represent some of their religious beliefs. See how this complex floor design was created

9. Stenciled Concrete Overlay Adds a Touch of Class

The existing concrete floors in this upscale consignment shop were one of the biggest concerns. The floors were resurfaced, scored and stenciled to create a sophisticated look. Discover how this transformation was done.

10. Aqua-Blue Pool Deck Creates the Illusion of a Never-Ending Pool

To create a Zen-like atmosphere, the owners of this outdoor pool and spa wanted the deck surrounding it to echo the color and movement of the water, creating the feel of an expansive, floating pool. See how acid stains were used to match the color of the pool lining.