Concrete Boulders and Spa Surround Video
Time: 01:16
Watch the overview of how these unique concrete boulders, surrounding a spa, were created.

Joe Willgrube of Scheid Concrete Inc. submitted photos of a custom, faux boulder spa and waterfall handcarved out of concrete. Interestingly enough, a client he was already installing a stamped patio for, requested the work after seeing Joe's pond/waterfall outside his company's front office. Joe says, "The pond and waterfall at our office was in the middle of being torn out and installed. The client had already wanted to install a spa, but when he saw ours he wanted one just like it in his backyard."

Joe and his brother, Chad, went to work designing a custom surround for the client's hot tub that would look like rock. To build it, the spa was set in place first upon concrete blocks, and then Joe and his crew surrounded it with a stamped concrete deck and steps which matched the client's stamped patio. They used Proline's Roman Slate stamp pattern with Brickform's Smoky Beige and Adobe Buff hardeners and Medium Gray release.

Using rebar, they built a cage to create the boulder formations. "We wrapped the cage with galvanized mesh, then shot a base coat with shotcrete. After we shot the finish coat, we carved in the look of the boulders by hand. We use trowels that we've modified to be able to create the unique textures," explains Joe. The waterfall flowing down one side of the surround circulates underneath the tub and recycles through a filter system and pump, separate from the hot tub water.

"We did all the rock work in one day, " says Joe. "Once we do the spray coat, we have to hurry before it dries. Then we come back and apply the stains the next day. To achieve the realistic color of the rockwork, Joe used Smith Paints stains of Bark Brown, Sandstone, and Moss Green and then antiqued with black. "I like to start with the lighter colors of stain first, then move into the darker colors."

Scheid Concrete Inc. strives to offer the finest quality design, cost estimates, concrete construction, repair and alteration to clients needing small to large scale concrete construction services. With over 12 years of experience, they work with stamping, acid-staining, coloring and just about all other types of decorative techniques for both interior and exterior surfaces.

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