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H. Ehlers from Structures Gone Wild recently sent in these pictures of a three-story game room currently being built.

The game room has two floors (2 & 3) are 90% completed. The concrete tree is on the second level with a slide in the large knot hole circling down to the limestone cave game room (where the pool table, etc. will be).

The limestone cave construction has just begun. Not shown, is the stairwell inside the tree which leads up into the attic. The attic ceiling and walls were lined in cedar and has the feel of a tree house.

A fake fireplace in the tree house section was created with white Portland cement, stamped/carved and acid stained to resemble Austin Chalk (Limestone). A TV fits in the fake fireplace for playing video games and there are two mattresses on either side of the attic for sleepovers. Due to the small square footage of the attic section, pictures taken in the attic do not display the actual look and feel of the tree house.

H. Ehlers
Structures Gone Wild

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