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J&M Lifestyles in Randolph, NJ has a unique knack for taking an ordinary material such as concrete, and molding it to serve an extraordinary new purpose. While building on nearly twenty years of using concrete as an artistic medium, J&M Lifestyles, LLC has pushed the limits of the material. "Whether it is our rockwork, furniture, countertops or other surfaces, we strive to craft the most personal and sui generis creations," says Michelle Radley of J&M Lifestyles.

Their projects are certainly exclusive and one-of-a-kind. Recently, they have begun offering lighting bollards, mailboxes and columns. "We have a patent to be issued this spring," says Radley of their new line of columns. The columns are monolithic, made from GFRC mix which has different fibers and additives. "They are hollow at 5/8-inch thickness, and can resemble stacked stone, limestone, brick, or nearly any other type of texture," she says.

The columns are created with metal embeds for fastening lighting and fencing. "They have plenty of strength for attaching gates," Radley notes. "We can put embeds in for any type of gate desired." The columns are typically installed by going down two feet into the ground and filling with cement which locks the column into the ground.

With less weight than a traditional column built of block, the columns can be shipped to homeowners, builders or designers, and can be customized on-site by the client or arrive totally finished. The columns are created using an integral color mix, but can be painted with acrylic paints or stain. Clients can view pictures of styles of lighting, and can choose from a list of glasses, metal finishes, and concrete finishes at J&M Lifestyles website. Though the columns are pre-colored, there is no set color standard. The columns can be finished to match anything the client wishes. An exterior sealer, similar to one used in stamped decorative concrete applications, provides the finishing touch to preserve and enhance the columns.

UL approved with lights, clients should allow a 2-3 week lead time for lighting. Each of the columns is made to order. Some of the options available for lighting include step lights that can be set inside the mold at a 15-degree angle for walkways, drives, etc. They can also be set at higher or different orientations.

Radley says the columns have served as the perfect juncture for a variety of fence company clients they are currently serving. For example, a 21x 54 limestone column with mailbox and steplight at 190-200 lbs. can be shipped to a site, ready to drop into footings, ready to go.

J&M Lifestyles is open to licensing the patent, and interested parties can reach them at:

J&M Lifestyles
215 Rt 10
Bldg 3 Unit 3
Randolph, NJ 07869
(973) 668-5057 Office
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