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  • High performance concrete is cast inside a lace-shaped mold.
  • Concrete lace can be used as a visual screen in public spaces.
  • The concrete lace is suspend from ribbon or steel cables.

Concrete lace – sounds like a paradox, but designer Doreen Westphal of the Netherlands has made it a reality. Using high performance concrete, delicate designs are cast inside lace-shaped molds. The concrete lace is then suspended from the ceiling using ribbon or steel cable.

The designer suggests using concrete lace as visual dividers in hotels, auditoriums, or restaurants. Additionally, it could be used as window treatments or room dividers in private residences. And since it's made of concrete it is suited for use outdoors in an urban garden or as an exterior wall covering.

Concrete lace can be customized according to your size, application and atmosphere needs.

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