Concrete Pond and Boulder Video
Time: 01:16
Watch the overview of the unique indoor pond and water feature boulders created by Boulder Crete.

Al Schultz of Boulder Crete in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, recently sent in these photos of an indoor atrium where he created concrete boulders, a waterfall and small pond. The client was renovating the atrium in the entrance of their home after a palm tree, which had originally been there, pushed through the skylight of the roof. The client commissioned her landscape artist to design a waterscape that would support the stairs and bring the soothing sound of water into the home.

Schultz created the concrete boulders using a special blend mix that was strong and curveable, and he added additives to resist water. He textured the boulders by spackling concrete matter. "We put colorant in grout and dash brushed it on to simulate the speckle of granite. Then we put a green stain to make it look natural," said Schultz. "The granite or split rock is indigenous to the West coast of Canadaits a natural bedrock," explained Schultz.

To support the stairs, Schultz replaced the wooden footing system with rebar and then shotcrete the concrete on. Schultz explained, "There's a concrete wall that surrounds the entire atrium creating a separation from the house, so if the pond leaked, it wouldn't ruin the house."

The result was a stunning focal point in the entrance of the home, which the homeowners were most pleased with, and a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy in the dining room nearby.

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