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Time: 05:56
Watch this concrete slab being sawcut, acid stained, and colored with dyes. Get tips on using concrete products, concrete saw blades, stains and dyes.

Whether you're sawing control joints, enhancing concrete with decorative scoring, or cutting out existing concrete for patching or replacement, you can't do the job without a top-quality saw blade. But like a master chef who needs an assortment of knives to prepare various gourmet specialties, you can't rely on just one type of blade to do all these cutting tasks well, or even to perform the same task in different types of concrete.

Concrete Saw Blade Information
Diamond Blades for Cutting Concrete How to Choose the Right Diamond Saw Blade for Cutting Concrete
Saw-Cut Master A Decorative Concrete Contractor Armed with Soff-Cut® Saw and Beveled Blade!
Decorative Joints Get tips for placing joints on decorative concrete flatwork

Featured Products
Mongoose X 125" Premium USA Diamond Blade.
Joint Clean-out Saw 13HP Cleans joints at a rate of 20-60 fpm.
SawKart For easier engraving. Attaches to a variety of concrete saws.
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