Used as a topcoat over a decorative flaked garage floor system, 5085 provides a high-build, hot-tire-resistant finish in just one coat.

In addition to their durability, one of the chief advantages of polyaspartic concrete floor coatings is their super-fast dry times, often curing to full strength within an hour. While those fast curing rates minimize downtime, they also significantly shorten the working time available to apply the product, making some contractors hesitant to use them.

Now there’s a new polyaspartic topcoat that offers a longer pot life without sacrificing the benefit of early cure times. The 5085 Ultra-High-Solids floor coating from Versatile Building Products provides up to 50 minutes of working time while drying to the touch in as little as two hours, allowing contractors to cut back on the number of installers per job. Combining a low viscosity with a high solids content of 85%, 5085 also gives floors a durable, high-performance finish in just one coat.

“The primary use for 5085 is to coat over a decorative flaked floor system to provide a high-build topcoat with only one application, saving the installer the time of doing a two coat topcoat application, which is typically needed to get the same build and gloss that 5085 provides,” says Versatile Building Products CEO Mike Meursing.

The 5085 Ultra-High-Solids floor coating from Versatile Building Products has a longer pot life than traditional polyaspartic systems, resulting in extended working times that make it easier to apply.

In addition to offering longer working times, 5085 is formulated to provide excellent chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion and stain resistance, and UV stability. It also uses low VOC solvents that are low in odor and safe for indoor use in ventilated areas. Typical applications include garage floors, show rooms, industrial warehouses, kitchens and retail stores.

How to applyThe two-component 5085 coating comes in a 2-gallon kit that covers up to 200 square feet per gallon. It can be applied to bare concrete floors that are clean and porous as well as existing coatings that are sound and have been lightly profiled to improve bonding. Lint-free rollers and brushes are the most common application tools. The pot life and cure time can vary depending on room temperature and are generally longer for cold-temperature applications and shorter at higher temperatures.

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