Here are two important strategies that can be expected to generate additional profitable sales: selling more to your existing customers, and selling to new potential customers.

Selling more to your existing customers, called an "upsell," typically doesn't just happen. In order to sell your customers more, you have to be prepared to actively market to them, and to do so continuously.

Sell more to existing customers:

Continuously let your customers know of the services you offer. If you do waterproofing for a customer, make sure they know that you also do foundation repair. It is amazing how many times even a regular customer won't know you are also capable of doing something else for them.

An easy way to do this is to drop all your customer email addresses into a "group" list. Once every month or two send them an email with something interesting (tell them about a unique situation that come up on a job and how it was solved- attach a digital photo if you can) and include a note about the services you offer.

Ask the engineer or architect on the project if they would like to get your updates- drop their email on the list too. Over time your net will be cast far and wide.

You will be amazed at how large your list will grow- and how many times your message will trigger someone to call you with something they need done or how often they will tell someone else to call you. Remember, out of sight is out of mind. Make sure you are continually putting your services in front of prospects.

If you don't already do so: offer complementary products and/or services that are natural companion purchases for your customer. Why let the other guy do the stamped concrete at the entry to the project- either learn to do it or hook up with a firm that will do it under your name. Make it one stop shopping for your customer and you will be providing a valuable service.

Selling to new prospects

Selling to new prospects should be an ongoing effort to add new customers to your existing customer base. Some strategies:

Share your customer base with another business. This strategy allows you to gain access to another business's customers to whom you can market your business's products and/or services. This is referred to as a marketing alliance. Is there a block contractor or an electrician you could share referrals with?

Target the existing customers of a competitor by making the competitor's customers aware of your business, referred to as a "major sales advantage" (MSA). The MSA consists of such advantages as better-quality products, higher levels of service after the sale, or a larger variety of services to choose from.

Engage in "direct-response marketing." This consists of the application of marketing strategies that are designed to cause the potential customer to "take immediate action," such as coming into your shop or picking up the telephone to call your business. Have you considered offering a booklet of decorative flatwork options? You could send a letter to prospects offering this booklet, or have prospects request it from your website. Guess what? When you talk to prospects in many cases you are going to do business with them- give them a reason to call you.

If you need help implementing an email list or a "direct-response marketing" piece, give us a call at The Concrete Network. We can set up a program for you so all you have to do is forward email addresses that you want to go on your list- we do the rest.