DecoCrete, by Weaver Concrete Specialties, Inc., is located in Pennsylvania and offers its clients a choice of color, texture and pattern in concrete to create flatwork and steps in the natural look of brick, slate, stone, tile—even wood—and offers more durability, less maintenance, and lower cost than installing those materials.

The company features a wide variety of pattern, texture and color combinations to complement any home. What's more, DecoCrete's flexibility allows for shaping patios, walkways and steps into many different configurations, which gives their customers numerous design options.

Randy McCoon, sales manager and estimator at DecoCrete, says that when he goes out to appointments, either people know exactly what they want, or they are wide open to ideas.

In the case of the latter, he says, "I'll go through our brochure, color chart and picture book, and we figure it out together," he explains. "I work with them to give them a look they will want and will love."

McCoon says that because a lot of the homes in the area have stone facing, their owners are looking for something to complement that.

"They're looking for earthy, natural design," he says. "Our two most popular patterns are ashlar slate and flower rock random stone, but brick, cobblestone and wood are also requested a lot."

McCoon says his clients also tend to stick to earth tones to match their siding, brick or stone facing, using colors like gray or tan for the ashlar slate pattern, and earth tones for the flower rock random stone pattern.

As for the area's weather, including harsh winters, McCoon says DecoCrete is perfect for the climate. When most products would fail due to the extreme temperature and moisture changes throughout the year, DecoCrete surfaces hold up in any weather and under heavy loads, due to the company's careful use of reinforcement materials.

In fact, the company utilized extensive experimentation and testing to create their unique concrete mix, which is designed specifically for stamped concrete in their area—a unique concrete mix that's much more conducive toward the special needs of stamped concrete than that of a normal everyday mix.

As for protection from other elements and sun, DecoCrete is sealed with a product containing a UV protectant, which protects against color fading, as well as an acrylic surface protectant, which helps prevent scratches. Another reason DecoCrete is durable is because it's non-porous, unlike brick pavers and stone, which can accumulate moss and mildew.

DecoCrete offers more than 60 base colors, and a wide variety of "antiquing" or "release" colors, which allow for a multitude of color combinations to complement any home. Other pattern options include basketweave, caesar stone, herringbone brick, euro fan, tile, and running bond used brick.

Because DecoCrete mixes most colors directly inside the concrete while it's in the truck, the stamped concrete has integral color throughout top to bottom, instead of just ¼-inch into the surface. (Some colors do need to be applied using the dry shake method,).

For McCoon, who previously worked in the precast segmental bridges industry and on the fourth largest bridge in the world, the Confederation Bridge in Canada, working with DecoCrete was just what he was looking for.

"When I worked in bridges, I traveled around the country, but it got to the point where I wanted to do something different, and DecoCrete seemed like a good opportunity," he recalls.

"A headhunter called me one day about DecoCrete's sales manager job. I talked to them and liked them....I found it intriguing, and I liked the idea of dealing with the public and helping people design."

"I did a 180-degree career change, and find it very rewarding to help a customer design a patio they will love and use for many years," he adds.

McCoon's also helping DecoCrete expand into new avenues this year, with a current focus on concrete staining, and concrete countertops coming in the Fall of this year.

And who knows what's next for the company, because as McCoon says, "It's endless what you can do with concrete."

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