Leaders in the decorative concrete industry were honored on March 18, 2010 in Phoenix. The event was created by Professional Trade Publications to recognize Artisans in Concrete and name those leaders who have made decorative concrete what it is today. Bent Mikkelsen, publisher and CEO of Concrete Decor magazine, presented the first Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame awards.

The Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame has been formed to honor those individuals and companies who have helped to shape the art and the business of decorative concrete by making continuing contributions to its growth and acceptance through their commitment to excellence and innovation. Those honored have served the wider industry. Bent Mikkelsen prefaced the presentations he made by saying, "This represents a milestone for our industry. These awards showcase the people who embody the best of decorative concrete. Their achievements are something we look to for inspiration and motivation that will help decorative concrete grow and prosper in years to come."

Wayne Sellon

An individual who could not be with us in Phoenix was the first to be recognized. Wayne Sellon was inducted into the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame posthumously. As an individual who gave so much to train others and shared his love of life and love of decorative concrete, he touched the life of so many and will be long remembered. He enlightened and entertained us. Wayne Sellon was one of the most passionate, exuberant and enthusiastic promoters of decorative concrete anywhere, and an innovator in its vertical development. The award was accepted by Wayne's wife, Gina, son, Morgan Sellon and other members of the family.

Doug Bannister

Doug Bannister of The Stamp Store and One Day Floors is one of the most active professionals in decorative concrete training. While building a successful supply store with a strong Internet presence that led the way to e-commerce, he also has served the industry unselfishly. Doug has inspired many contractors with his depth of knowledge and experience, his commitment to adherence to industry standards, his ethical approach to business and his outstanding work ethic. He has worked tirelessly to improve standards and professionalism in the decorative concrete business and has served the organizations in the larger concrete industry.

Buddy Rhodes

Buddy Rhodes has been one of the pioneers in popularizing concrete countertops, furniture and features. He has elevated their natural appearance to a fine art that has even been exhibited in galleries. He epitomizes the word Artisan. A ceramicist who discovered concrete while at art school, he brought the eye of a sculptor and his own hand-pressed method to fabrication. Buddy Rhodes provided the first bagged mix, has introduced specialized tools and most recently developed a green, environmentally sound product line. Buddy continues to share his expertise through training contractors and the DIY market. Buddy also brings a burning desire to solve problems and improve the results in ways that have influenced the people he has trained and the success of the industry.

Bob Harris

Bob Harris has changed our expectations of training for decorative concrete and set new standards. With a quest to continuously improve his craft, he reached out to learn from artists, muralists, faux finishers and other artisans to bring a fresh way of looking at decorative concrete that has benefited all of us. He had the great good luck to work on Disney properties where creative uses of concrete and attention to detail were pushed as far as possible, and he generously shared the perspective and skills he gained through outstanding training programs. As an independent trainer, he also published Bob Harris' Guides and DVDs that are successful bestsellers that have improved the quality of work in decorative concrete.

Fu-Tung Cheng

Fu-Tung Cheng is a trailblazer in the design world. He has authored three bestselling books and designed award-winning homes and kitchens. Together these efforts have change the paradigm of building of kitchens and homes by legitimizing concrete as a timeless, beautiful and functional material for many uses. He went on to launch Cheng Concrete products and offer training courses that have launched many new careers for those he has trained in the fabrication of countertops, fireplace surrounds and other architectural features. He has influenced and inspired designers, contractors and even homeowners. Fu-Tung Cheng is an articulate spokesperson for concrete and sustainability, and he has changed the way the world sees concrete.

Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson has brought the stories of the emerging field of decorative concrete into homes and businesses in the US and around the world. Long before any of us knew we'd Google and go to ConcreteNetwork.com on a Blackberry to find out what the leaders in decorative concrete were up to now, he imagined that the internet was the place for decorative concrete to display the explosion of new materials and techniques. He created a way to connect contractors with buyers, and help decision makers. And most remarkably, he set out on this quest in 1999 when few of us even used email. Today, more than eleven million visitors per year find out about decorative concrete at ConcreteNetwork.com. The information they find is accurate, unbiased and engaging. So, Jim's artistry in crafting a good story and getting the information found by web searchers has redefined the map for the benefit of decorative concrete contractors and manufacturers.

L.M. Scofield

The Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame also honored a company that introduced the first ready-to-use packaged materials for decorative concrete and has provided education, training and leadership for 95 years. L.M. Scofield has maintained a long and consistent commitment to the decorative concrete industry and was easily chosen to be the first company inducted into the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame. In 2001, Concrete Decor magazine ran a feature article that said what is still true today, "To concrete contractors all over the world, the name L. M. Scofield Company represents the oldest, and one of the most trusted manufacturers in the business. The recognition comes from, creating high standards for products that form a virtually unlimited menu for coloring and texturing concrete."

That remains true today. Even in a challenging economy, Scofield has introduced exciting new products in the past 18 months. The company continues to provide leadership through innovation. Concrete Decor magazine and the industry congratulated L. M. Scofield Company on its 95th Anniversary and thanked them for what they have done to help decorative concrete become what it is today.

A nominating committee will be formed to select the 2011 Hall of Fame honorees. More information will be posted at www.concretedecor.net/hall-of-fame.