Hand-Held Dustless Grinders Video
Time: 04:03
Dustless grinder demonstration for concrete contractors

You'll get the most bang for your buck if you match the power tool to the type of work you do most often. The product experts at Bosch say you should consider the following factors before making your selection:

  • What is the hardness of the concrete you will be working with? This will help you decide the power requirements you'll need.
  • What tasks do you perform most often? Both chipping and drilling, or just chipping? A dedicated demolition hammer packs more punch if you're primarily doing the latter. If you want a tool that can do both tasks, go with a combination hammer.
  • For drilling or coring functions, determine how large a hole you typically drill. Then look at the tool's maximum capacities and optimal ranges.
  • What accessories are available? And how easy are they to switch? You'll get the most versatility from a tool that has a broad range of easily interchangeable accessories.
  • How much freedom of movement do you need on the jobsite? Go with a cordless tool if you're always on the move or plan to work from elevated platforms.

Power Tools - Tips For Peak Performance

General rules

  • Before each use, warm up the tool briefly (about 15 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on air temperature).
  • A new tool generally requires a break-in period of up to 5 hours of operation before it can achieve full performance.
  • Only use sharp, undamaged accessories. The cost to maintain or replace accessories is more than offset by the time ve.
  • Establish and follow a regular maintenance program.
  • Regularly clean the tool's air vents with compressed air.
  • Only use accessories recommended for your specific power tool model.

Combination hammer

  • For the best penetration rates in concrete, apply steady pressure while operating the tool, but do not use excessive force.
  • Don't use dull or damaged bits because they have a greater tendency to bind in the concrete.
  • Higher speeds and impact force work best for faster penetration when drilling or chiseling in hard concrete. Slower speeds work best to reduce breakout when bits exit the material being drilled.

Concrete grinder

  • Don't use a surface grinding wheel larger than the maximum size recommended for your tool. (The guard for the grinder is limited to the rated size of the tool, so using a larger wheel can also lead to injury.)
  • Allow the grinder to reach full speed before applying it to the concrete surface.

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