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One of the greatest attributes of concrete is its ability to blend with or complement any style you're aiming to create. Its texture can range from smooth and polished—perfect for a refined look, to natural and coarse—charming in a rustic or Old World setting.

Oso Industries in Brooklyn, NY meldUSA in Raleigh, NC

Many architectural concrete contractors create a range of furniture, including conference tables, bedsidetables, cocktail tables, accent tables, benches, beds, urban seating, kinetic tables and work stations.

Because of concrete's ability to mold into any shape, it can be created into virtually anything you have in mind.

"But while concrete can be used to create a modern or minimal look, it's also perfectly adaptable to a more traditional setting -- where it was so extensively used in the first place. In truth, there are no standard guidelines that, if followed, will guarantee you'll get a certain look. All "styles" are really just an amalgamation of details that evoke a certain feeling when used together."

-- Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design

"Extremeconcrete furnishings can complement any interior or architectural design platform from transitional, French country and eclectic to contemporary/modern, urban chic and extreme avant-garde."

-- Michael Bustin, meldUSA